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I’m a little afraid to look at the date on my last post…it’s a little dusty around here. Actually, it’s more like that scary house from the Choose Your Own Story books… the ones with the boarded up windows… the door opens, dust falls on your head and the door creaks…that’s kind of what my blog looks like. I admit, I’m literally the worst blogger on the face of the earth. It’s just one of those things, being a mom of 4 kids, that has to give.  So much has changed since my last post! I closed the studio in Florida, had our fourth baby, and we’ve moved our family to central Illinois. It all happened pretty quickly and (feels like) suddenly. Not suddenly in the sense that we’ve talked about moving for 20 years…but suddenly in the fact that I had a thriving studio in Florida and life was moving along – and here I am – in Illinois. Don’t get me wrong. I’m thankful to be here. I’ve always wanted to be back home near family. It’s an amazing blessing to call my sister/mom and say – hey, wanna go to lunch???  That’s a HUGE treat for me, something I’ve never been able to do in my adult life.

It hasn’t been a rosy transition, I will admit.  Difficult would be an understatement.  I’ve had some very dark days and moments – I may have to save that for another post.  Thankfully, I feel like I’m slowing tipping my toes out the other end. I am enjoying my surroundings and relishing in all the time with family, which is so easy to do now!

fall color central illinois

It’s fall here in central Illinois. Funny thing – it’s almost winter – and the trees have finally changed. I’ve teased the kids all summer with what an amazing treat they were in for this fall…and we waited…and waited… Every morning we’d leave for school and check the trees in the park on the way – nope still green. I warned them each time we had a warm day – THIS will probably be our last warm day, better get ready!! Nope. The next day would be 80 and the trees were still green. Not the fall I remember from my childhood, but I have been secretly thankful the warm weather has hung around a little bit. I’m not sure I’m quite ready for the harshness of a Midwest winter. It’s been 22 years in Florida for me – I’ve become weak, I admit it!

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Since I was bemoaning the fact that fall wasn’t what I expected, I decided to take Katie for a walk, I put my macro lens on the end of my camera, and challenged myself to find the beauty in this fall – a gloomy morning on top of it all – and enjoy the ” last warm day” of fall, (which really wasn’t our last warm day)…I digress.

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It was fun to challenge myself with this single lens. My 100L lens is not one of my favorites. Purchased solely for the purpose of capturing baby eyelashes, fingers and toes for my clients, it otherwise stays put in my camera bag and never sees the light of day. I absolutely LOVED what this beauty did for me on this little journey of mine. I couldn’t believe it when I found myself almost 2 miles from home and 2.5 hours in, just me and Katie and my 100 mm lens. It was glorious!

fall central illinois

There really is beauty in the details – many of these little captures were far off the beaten path, along paths no one would look. It felt like a secret garden.

carillon springfield il

color in the fall central illinois

fall colors central IL

fall colors springfield illinois

fall in springfield illinois

fall leaves  central il

fall leaves central illinois

fall leaves springfield il

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fall walk central illinois

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springfield illinois photography

Katie loves being outside, thankfully. She just loves to be in the stroller and look around, take in the fresh air. I didn’t hear a PEEP from her the entire walk (we were gone over 3 hours). I did take her out to feed her and set her under this tree – hoping to maybe capture one image of her on this day. She wasn’t having it – she ate at least a couple fistfuls of dirt and leaves. She looked up only this one time  – the only image of her from our day.

springfield il baby photographer

Guess it will have to do. 🙂 Happy fall everyone.